IIW—A Verifying Success

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The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California is a fitting place for the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW), held April 30-May 2, 2019 and now in its 14th year. With exhibits such as Make Software: Change the World and a Hall of Fellows that includes legends such as Vint Cerf, Ralph Merkle, and Grace Murray Hopper, the venue is inspiring. Even more inspiring are the 250 or so participants—developers, writers, entrepreneurs, government reps, big and small company personnel—who make the pilgrimage here twice a year to try to solve the issues of lack of trust and user privacy surrounding the Internet.

This informal unconference—where attendees create sessions on the spot and are free to move about if the session they are at is not quite right—can at first seem a bit unorganized and chaotic, but before you know it, you’re sitting in a session of your choosing, engaged in discussions, exchanging ideas and learning from some of the brightest minds in the industry.

At this session of IIW, the BC VON team, led by John Jordan, Nick Rempel and Stephen Curran, debuted IIWBook receiving accolades for their continued ability to prove that the concepts of self-sovereign identity, verified credentials and cryptographically secure peer-to-peer communication are not just concepts. Attendees were able to visit iiw.vonx.io and step through the demo, which had them connecting to an email verifier and issuer to obtain an email credential, then use that credential to obtain an IIW attendance credential, then connect with others at the conference who had done the same. VON team members Nick Rempel, Andrew Whitehead and Tomislav Markovski (Streetcred.id agent developer) followed up on the demo sessions with discussions on how the agents they created were built and how they actually work.

Decidedly, the BC VON team isn’t just talking about concepts, they are showing that blockchain for identity works and there are many possibilities for its use. They are making software and potentially changing the world.

Photos from IIW28

The VON Team at IIW28 The Coffee Guy
The important people at IIW28 - the VON Team and the Coffee Guy
A Blank Slate This is How the Agenda Happens
A Blank Slate quickly becomes a Full Agenda
Circle Time Presentation Time
First Circle Time and then Presentation Time for the VON Team
IIW Identity Folks
Beer Time! Identity Folks - post IIW28