Collaborating on VON via chat

Want to join us online as we work on VON? If so, please join the discussions we are having on the BC Gov Rocket.Chat instance.

Joining the BC Gov Rocket.Chat

The BC Gov Rocket.Chat instance uses IDir for BC Gov folks and GitHub with two-factor authentication (2FA) for external (non-BC Gov) user authentication.

First Connection

To join the instance:

  • If you have an IDir, you can go to
  • If you don’t have an IDir (and have no clue what that is), you will need to send one of us the email address associated with your GitHub account so that we can send you an invitation to join.
    • If the invitation fails it will likely be because you gave us an email that is not associated with a GitHub account, OR you waited too long to process the invitation and it expired. Please figure out which occurred, contact us again, and we’ll send you out another invitation.

Rocket.Chat Clients

You can use the either the Rocket.Chat web client (at or download and install a native app for your system. There are also Rocket.Chat Android and iOS apps. Downloads are available from the Rocket.Chat website

Leave *devops and *labops Channels

The Pathfinder Rocket.Chat instance automatically adds new subscribers to a series of channels. If you are a non-BC Gov user, you will want to leave those channels. Mouse over the channel, click the “triple dot” menu and select “Leave Room” for each of:

  • devops-*
  • labops-*
  • general
  • kudos
  • random
  • rocketchat-help

Join von-* public channels and direct message

Use the search icon above the (possibly empty) channel list to search for the von- public channels and join at least the von-general channel. Once you join von-general, please announce yourself with a quick “hello”. We need that so we can add you to any private channels that you should be a part of.

You can also search for other folks on the extended VON team and start direct messaging them.

That should be it—you are good to go!