The VON IIW 28 Demonstration: IIWBook

1 minute read

Following on the footsteps of the AgentBook demo that the VON Team presented in late March, IIWBook will be presented at the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW 28) in Mountain View, CA, April 30, May 1 & 2, 2019. With AgentBook, an extended VON team demonstrated the ability to connect instances of SSI agents from multiple source bases. With IIWBook, we’re taking the demo further to include a mobile agent (or two!) and the exchange of verifiable credentials, including the issuing of some foundational identity credentials from and the proving of possession of those credentials. The sequence will enable the trust of the agent-to-agent connections to be elevated. A person controlling the agent will know things about the controller of another agent based on what others are will to attest to about that identity.

We’re working with the team in New York, and the Spark team in New Zealand to make this an international SSI first. It’s been pretty fun to build towards this, seeing verifiable credentials issued and presented across multiple source bases.

More details to come. Check out the demo (and the underlying tech) in our session early in the IIW conference schedule and at demo hour, table 8.