Open Collaboration MOU towards an interoperable Mobile Agent

1 minute read

We, the folks from the BC Gov VON ( team, would like to share an opportunity with members of various open, blockchain-based identity communities to work with us in doing some focused collaboration around mobile agents, Aries agents and aries-cloudagent-python interoperability. We have a pilot production service planned for a significant professional accreditation organization within our province coming up in the fall. This pilot has a requirement for mobile agents to be able to hold and offer verifiable credentials issued and verified by services operating instances of aries-cloudagent-python. Details are in this Open Collaboration MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). Details around the use case and how we intend to work with the community can be found in the document.

In a nutshell, our offer is to work closely, in the open, with groups that we believe are close to having a releasable mobile agent such that their agent could be one of the listed compatible agents when this new service goes live. Our expectation is for the production pilot to occur this fall.

If you are interested and think you have a mobile agent that is close to release, please review the Open Collaboration MOU, and contact us via Hyperledger Rocket.Chat or via the email address in the MOU.

We would expect to have all participants identified via signed MOUs by Aug 6th 2019.